The Words of the Cisse Family

Unificationism Needs Humility!

Catherine Cissé
March 19, 2012

Sun Myung Moon watches Hak Ja Han speak in Japan March 6, 2012

It was a cold, yet peaceful day, yesterday.

With a sermon that amazingly helped me to, afterward, offer a short testimony of my doing with Tribal Messiahship, the magic time continued with the afternoon spent in the company of a 2nd Gen liking to share her interests finding her way to live her dreamed life with God and True Parents. She surprised me to be so realistic, yet in that dream. She inspired me too, asking questions I answered as truthful, yet as transparent as it needs to be.

All were gone since a long time when we first looked at the clock, smiling.

But there were tears, too. Tears of joy, tears of prayer, tears that said the growing pains.

Then, a lady came to visit that exact 2nd Gen, whom she seemed to know, like, and appreciate very much. Her words confirmed that soon. Words that urged to listen.

A Peace Ambassador, she made her priorities to help UPF and WFWP for years, with real abilities helping with high level guests around the world, by her past activities.

I witness of a real attachment for True Parents and interests in helping.

But I also witnessed how Unificationism needs humility.

She now chose to give priority to other things that are as important than our doings.

That is, her words say, because she see our inability to forgive each other, we, members. Forgiveness, she says is the first mature step for any relationship.

She spoke her frustration to not find true leadership coming from us, saying how she encouraged one to be a leader if that person wanted to be one, but not "SOS"-calling her to do things instead of herself. She spoke of "crutches", a team to share ideas, work, and make decisions together to give chance for fruitful results...

While listening, the sermon which theme was all about the needed value to be able to question oneself, and us, as a group, had me tell God: "You're really here, today!"

But we seem more often be unwilling to see, hear, and receive God' giving True

Parents a hand.

It is particularly a concern that, with us, or without, God's Will will come to be.

It's a 2nd Gen who is blessed, receives God's doing. From a 70 years old lady, rich with world level achievements for the betterment of it. A Lady serious enough as to just turn the page with us, keeping what she knows will be for later, when more favorable circumstances to help God and True Parents will appear.

That 2nd Gen was beautiful receiving what she may need to discover yet what is

God's blessing to her. For now, she is troubled, wandering what to do with lessons to learn.

Unificationism Needs Humility! 

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