The Words of the Cisse Family

Love is Art and Poetry!

Catherine Cissé
March 23, 2012

Father said to our artist members, once: "sorry that you were born before the world is restored!"

The real ones, with real art and poetry must understand Him precisely.

Real art always elevates the soul, and transports the state of being.

It reveals Divine Principle, Father's words, and True Parents' vision of True God.

Restoration needs to be, certainly.

But it is that artistic fiber that we are made of that will turn restoration to come true.

In the book of True Love, Father goes farther, saying: your love life should be a piece of art.

As a woman, a true wife to become, thus, to listen Father say: to be a good wife is not just to prepare nice meals, to be nice, etc., silents me.

It has something with how we are in the presence of man.

A movie came my way and, because awaken to the matter, lets me witness how to be real and sincere -- unlike playing a role and showing an abstract image -- affects man.

To be oneself, absolutely.

Right away, result in man's doing betrays a live and happy soul that can attract all the wealth of the universe, while working his favorite activity.

The spiral of Fibonacci with its two lines so close to each other, yet never touching.

Woman needs to be absolutely herself, as much as man needs to be absolutely himself.

In that movie, man also didn't have any expectation for the woman to be.

It can only be why something became a piece of art between the two characters in that movie.

It is puzzling me to taste God's true love in my life, coming in substance through a Blessed Member, to guide me to true expression of the universe, in the individual as in the universe.

Blessing is all about that, our joy to turn our dreamed love life real, and peace of art.

Thank You, God. Thank You, True Parents. 

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