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A 2nd Gen expressed: I Know A 2nd Gen who...

Catherine Cissé
May 24, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han -- May 4, 2012

Here in Paris Unification Church, in a weekly program, ran by the 2nd Gen -- program offering themes to be discussed, from personal experiences, steps, up to resolutions to give one's word to honor commitment to do and live up to them, like that the Japanese Samouraïs's code of honor once they gave their word -- a program seeking to promote sense of self-responsibility, a 2nd Gen shared how he knows another 2nd Gen who would like to hear more: 'you can do... this, you can do... that', instead of hearing all the time: 'you cannot..., you should not...'.

He who spoke out another's statement may have betrayed a similar personal longing to hear more what he can, instead of what he cannot...

How many other, perhaps?!...

Great lesson to learn from. 

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