The Words of the Cisse Family

Clouds are beautiful, but not like...

Catherine Cissé
May 29, 2012


Clouds are beautiful.
They are gracious.
They are soft.
They are light.
They dress up
and give volume to the azure.
They captivate our attention.

The dew that land entrusted to them gathers like silky flakes.

The drafts carry them to other lands where they are already awaited.

Now, they invite us to pause, and to day-dream their journey: the mountains and the prairies, the seas and deserts...

They invite us, quietly sat, to see the myriads greens, and animals, that will welcome them from far away, and accompany them like we do, until they're gone, away from where they come from.

They use their reverberation to capture our attention, to invite us to something more, than simply day-dream.

Soon, they seem to charge what our glance magnifies into them. We think of God, then, and True Parents those very clouds may-be will refresh, and of our true love partners they will also refresh. We feel, then, the joy they are to us.

And we smile... sight... long...

Clouds are beautiful!

But not as beautiful as our partner.

Because, you see, they are our joy, our pleasure, our happiness. 

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