The Words of the Cisse Family

In Jin Nim is in LOVE with Us!

Catherine Cissé
June 20, 2012

In Jin Nim's attractive Lovin' Life Ministry let me search to capture more about the aura she emanates.

This particular photo says what is it: she is in love with us, here and now.

A love like that a harmonious melody she plays, always.

A love that is not faint, or made up for a moment of fame.

A love that is successful by the tear it wets our eyes with, or the quiet sigh of well-being our heart delivers.

Her aura remains hermetic to understand if we look for it from the outside, but becomes explicate once we look for its source.

Here, we can see how it shines out and fills the whole group all by itself, provoking exuberant enthusiasm proper to youngsters.

Yet, we only see her, so real and present in being in love with us, now, always, her own and unic feminine way.

It's the way to understand her beauty.

In Jin is a mirror closer to us, sisters, helping us to deliver our unique femininity.

A femininity that may leave us to feel embarrassed, first, in letting it go.

Something that may make us see it a too great risk to dare touch it. 

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