The Words of the Cisse Family

The Blessed Marriage Answers all!

Catherine Cissé
August 8, 2012

The 2nd Messiah's is to bring God's original nature back in us, human beings. As we have become Lucifer's heirs by blood ties, the Messiah, as such, is to bring back in us God's original blood ties.

The Holy Wine is not just a wine that is being sanctified, but contains all the life elements that make it possible to become one's biological heir.

We need to tremble when handling Holy Wine, as it is what rescues us from the dead, and brings back to us the breath of Life. It is given to us in the context of the 4 positions foundation because it is the core of original existence and life in God's creation.

We cannot return to True Parents' womb in order to be reborn, isn't it? The holy wine is the process, and eliminates at once the base of evil within: wrong blood ties. That's messiah primary task.

From then on, "messiah" can withdraw, and "True Parents" can begin nurturing and elevating us, their children.

A very difficult task because, even though the base of evil within is eradicated, we can't ignore to be experienced with former wrong teaching and, with absolutely no idea of a TRUE parents, we tend to always refer True Parents' teaching and sayings with what we learned before. Because of that we rarely succeed doing something the first time we do it.

Unsuccess is not a sin, even less evil.

This is how I help my tribe members to understand a step farther my testimony to choose listen to True Parents for my life. 

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