The Words of the Cisse Family

Report from Paris: Feeling The Shim Jung of True Family September 30, 2012

Catherine Cissé
October 5, 2012

Hoon Sook Moon and her daughter - Paris. 2012, September 30th. Palais des congrès - Catherine Cissé is on the far left.

One hour prior to the performance of the Universal Ballet, Her director, Hoon Sook Nim invited the Unificationists for an intimate moment with us.

Her chagrin for the passing of Father was very live yet, even though dramatically kept inside.

Hoon Sook, first, distributed T-shirts to the 2ndG. She then delicately shared Mother's actual attendance to Father, like sharing each of the three daily meals with Him.

She testified, once more again, about the brothers who created the ballet, Kevin P. and Adrian, respectively Musician and Choreographer, highlighting their success to have been able to transcribe Father's heart for that theme. To have been closed in one of the creator's family daily life, I testify of the fiery combat with the great creator of the past, who so badly wanted to write the creation themselves. Yet, It was those brothers to be in command. Because of that, "Shimjung" has a very unique taste to me, and it is good that passed by plenty time passed by before I could enjoy it with a childlike heart and mind.

It was very, very, beautiful....

Hoon Sook Nim, also shared how, after Father had answered Mother asking him: what do you want to do with the helicopter?, Mother decided to sell it and utilise the benefits for the 2nd Gen worldwide.

She said of Mother's heart be as large as the Cosmos, and as deep of the Ocean.

Mr. Park, from the Universal Ballet (not Bo Hi Pak), was then invited to share the most recent news from Korea.

While Father was alive, Mother was there, supporting. But, now, Mother is really a leader, confident and decision-maker. For one thing, Mother asked that in every center, large or small, all over Korea, DP lectures be going on all the time, like in the early time of our movement. Very few photos, together were taken: the first one, with the 2ndG, then with the sisters from WFWP.

At that very moment, I communicated the assistant to French NL my desire to have a photo: for Africa.

She asked Mrs. Song who took my hand, and while waiting for the photo being taken, asked me: where, Africa?. I lovingly and clearly said: Mali, West-Africa. The shared photo, here, is taken from the whole photo, as the brothers -- next to be called for one, had already arrived.

The spectacle, then began a moment later.

(If I may, I just desire say to have liked being kept whole and entire). 

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