The Words of the Cisse Family

Wearing The Badge of Witnessing

Catherine Cissé
October 25, 2012

10 years ago, I created a badge that I wear every time I go out, meeting people. It's a badge that says:

Fédération des Femmes
pour la Paix dans le Monde (WFWP)
carte n°: 2151978118AJU (My blessing date/group - AJU was added when it came about)
my signature

Like that, I'm witnessing all the time.

Fund raising style earnings is best opportunity meeting people, many every day.

My badge does the witnessing, and generates questions, remarks, asking.

It is good tool to "earn" my ownership over my faith and belief, when an anti, or a warlike individual is in front of me.

I guide people who ask to our sites, a rich moment to show sincerity (which always keep telling me where I am at with it, especially when True Parents' name drive people crazy).

More than often, I am encouraged to be bolder, more confident to speak out. I give telephone number of the center when shown interests.

But more than that, I know to leave behind, in many of the people I meet, tips for betterness

I know they'll do something with.

And when I meet again one who can't wait to share what happened for good,

I smile to hear that one's agenda had been filled with improvements.

All along, while earning my living. 

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