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Why Do We Study The Original Divine Principle?

Catherine Cissé
November 21, 2012

Hak Ja Han Moon

Printing some Divine Principle material at a cyber-coffee-shop, the due to pay dropped down very much from what was the initial cost. Expressing the surprise to the man in charge (an Indian person), he said: "while you worked on the web, I looked at what you printed, because the first page: 'Why do we study the Original Divine Principle?' interested me. It is the most important thing for our life, but I don't often see Occidentals do that".

I had printed few pages of the ODPS slides in order to answer the call, here, on this site, to teach Divine Principle online, answering Mother's call for it.

This main title: 'Why do we study the Original Divine Principle' interpells my attention for the question.

Why do we study Divine Principle, if not to understand what causes the conflicts that are in our mind that block the way to happiness?

'Divine' and 'Principle' are somewhat common words.

But only True Parents unveiled the essence of the Original Divine Principle: the 4 positions foundation.

That is where happiness is to be found...

It is because we study ODP to solve our conflictual mind that we can change the course of our life, and begin to show and share to others. 

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