The Words of the Cisse Family

I Was Doing the Right Thing, But With the Wrong Understanding!

Catherine Cissé
December 15, 2012

The discovery of my blessed marriage, soon confirmed the strong conviction that filled me up as soon as I was in the presence of the man, Father taking me by the arm, introduced me to him.

"It's him!" loudly resonated within.

A former experience of being abandoned with the blessing had me to search what I desired most finding in my true love subject partner. That, in the case to be granted another chance to be blessed again.

The very one thing that mattered is this:

"Let that man's faith in True Parents be greater than mine. No matter he be a gardener, a president, a teacher, or an illiterate, all I ask is that his faith in true Parents be bigger than mine."

I naturally moved on to where his life came about. Mali. West-Africa, Sahel... Even though the environment, it matches and empowers: "it's him!"

A daughter is born, and for the first few years, we satisfied a somewhat simple life, that was enough while the baby grew up grew up to become a garden-schooler.

My husband is an English former high-school teacher out of real vocation.

That same spirit renders him fond of True Parents and Divine Principle. He is very concerned to bring them to the Malians that live in Mali.

The spiritual rarely feeds a man, though. Even in Mali. I hadn't thought of it enough and missed doing one thing: to find out my path within my destiny.

I just did with the only thing I knew: Fundraising, in Mali, in Senegal, until the necessity to go to France where I hoped making money for better became obvious.

To Fundraise enough my own livings in France, my husband and daughter in Mali, and for the creation of a school ended up being much, with always prices getting higher, and needs always more numerous.

I learned courage from all those people in the world whose life drive them abroad, far from their loved ones, to pretend for better. But I was alone, and if to isolate myself first help me well, to lack exchanges and fruitful conversations stopped me to learn for better skills.

I didn't know the web for a long time, and ignored many communications avenues that was available inexpensively.

The real trouble, though: a wrong understanding of God and of my identity to True Parents left me to remain with the spirit of that of a servant whose "duty" is to restore love.

All those years, I did the right thing for my husband, but with the wrong understanding.

And I know I'll be able go home to my husband and daughter, as I prepare for them.

I long to resume returning love to my husband, abandoning me as his true love object partner. 

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