The Words of the Cisse Family

My Experience Returning Heart to True Parents!

Catherine Cissé
January 22, 2013

I emotionally labored deep to enter the circus of 120 bows, looking to make it a real love story with True Parents.

The first few weeks, I needed counting from below number quite often, aware to have fell into a mechanical state of mind, lost with "the right thing to do and to say each time". I didn't like that, not at all. So, from 57, I would return to 40, 41, 42...

Starting from a photo of True Parents, I let live memories of them, like at Belvedere, before and now, Mother, even though only via videos.

But anything to allow being together like in an ordinary Parents/daughter intimate moment. As Mother hopes to.

Soon, my husband is before me, and I let him be, continuing to return my heart-bows to True Parents in him.

Absolute sex...

And I happened to experience a most beautiful experience: all disappeared, and Father and Mother laid down there, and loved each other sexually, for me to watch, and know where I come from, and that my only identity is that of true love.

Smile didn't come to my face. Smile became the whole of my being. 

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