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A Sunday Service Well Worth To Be There!

Catherine Cissé
March 11, 2013

Well, the reward for walking to the Sunday Service, yesterday, was well worth my reluctance to go.

Sometimes, it is like that. No matter what, I fail using the formidable weapon that will-power is.

Is it because Winter in France, this year, is particularly long, icy and rainy.

I wished, then, to just stay home, keeping warm.

But, I know that with any first step, the second is already better, and the third even more. So, I moved on.

The reward came at the end when, before closing the service, first time guests were asked to introduce themselves.

A too rare happening since too long.

A 12 years old girl stood up, then, and shared how a 12 years old BC, classmate of her, speaks with her, to finally invite her to a 4 days seminars where she could understand that the problems she encounters in growing up is not something personal at all, and that it is possible to grow up happily and hopeful.

Hanna -- it is her first name -- participated to the seminar, then, and came to Sunday Service as well.

And I thought to myself: God, protect that BC girl, new comer in France together with her mum, coming from Africa. Protect her enthusiasm and faith.

Later on, listening to her mum, I understood that the girl, even though a BC, finds it difficult to enter the realm of the BC who live here since always.

And I hurt to hear the mum says that the girl already wish going back where she comes from, where BC relate to each other, no matter who they are, and where they are from.

Those two pre-teens, a BC and her guest, were shining truth, life and love. I hope they will be saved from continuing self-sufficiency. 

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