The Words of the Cisse Family

Our Mind Is Our First Home!

Catherine Cissé
June 13, 2013

The more I invest to understand Mind, the more I feel back to Divine home.

To push forth the ability to search and study deeper sense of the true words makes my brain taste tickling most of the time. I wondered at first, until I knew that it cells get stimulated and regenerated, unlike when I just repeat what I already know.

Patience and humility develop too as even knowledge appears to ask be won.

That has helped me be receptive to what the realm of our 5% responsibility means: co-creativity.

That is Heavenly Parent's secret gift to us.

There, we can contribute to cosmic happiness, multiplying it.

If not, more than a dead body dying, it is that unused gift that disappears for good.

When I first searched for my mind, I had no sense of it at all, wronged with the confusion of the function of the brain.

Perseverance pays, though.

Few days ago, for a short time, I experienced thinking with the whole of my being, fully aware of the whole of my being, from inside. My thought sounded coming from every cell of any part of my flesh, so delicately one with my skin. Every nerve. Bone.

The color, so typical to human corps, was bright and shining...

I touched firsthand what it is than being one with our body.

To taste that, the primary hard work to undo all the wrong learned habits to think is fastidious.

I didn't know what to begin with, blocked with forcing to find the way.

Letting go with sounds of nature or music for meditation, the first thing to do, follow the order, came back to me.

I thus began to dig out one thinking, one belief at a time, and figured out where it came from: is it mine, or someone else's? Did I choose to adopt it? Do I desire keeping it?

One thing scarred me soon: to note that my conscience suffered the consequences of my mind being squandered by types of thinking and habits to think that were not mine.

In fact, the Lucifer, wrong type of education has formatted us to learn thinking as to please him, making sure that we would do everything in life in order to please him, to get love, one after the other, brings plenty to check and clean.

The Brain cells tickle very much because of that.

But I am becoming the owner of my mind, exit the squandering stuffs.

My hands are part of my mind, my back, skin, organs, legs...

The more I bring it back to good health, the more it's feeling light and the more it opens me up to find out what I am able to live up to create, free and unique.

Because of that, I discovered also liking my body, its shape, form, height...

Too long did I ignore caring for it like my very best friend I can count on, the very one that have me enjoy earthly life...

I learned to meaningfully study, too: one thing after another, all that is possible to learn about it...

Because of that, I discovered all anew the value of the first of the 4 positions foundations.

Isn't the first one? Heavenly Parent -- Mind -- Body -- Self explicit to where to turn to, to learn.

And isn't it the secret True Parents, alike that of Jesus and all the great inventors?

They know well, though, that they could make their goals come true because they had people around them with similar understanding, so they could be a contribution to the results... When I think of little Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, they were happy because their mind was free and creative nonstop. Like Father as he grew revealed his autobiography.

Father and Mother are like that: they already gave us the secret of the Mind and how the 5% is ours only to draw and pain.

What else is possible? 

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