The Words of the Cisse Family

Thank You, Aziz!

Catherine Cissé
June 20, 2013

My husband's birthday gave us chance to rejoice knowing each other better and better, learning to create the very type of relationship that Adam and Eve did let go. Would I have signed up for the Blessing, knowing the tribulations to be able inheriting it? Maybe not. Would I go for it now? Definitely yes!

What happened between the maybe not and the definitely yes!

I was aware that we weren't not blessed because we reached perfection, and I was aware that the Blessed marriage was only the beginning of our journey back to healthy state of being. The required training before was to unclog our original being as much as possible from the dirt and wrongs we came in with when we met True Parents.

Even though the awareness, I never imagined it would affect be able 'hearing' and 'receiving' true love and education.

To actualize what I only sensed, that my husband IS my other self and that I am his, is starting only recently. When the tool came to me to learn anew, or need I say when I became open for it, only a couple of years ago, how happy I was.

My mind was so much squatted with personal habits: a woman is this, that... so is an Unificationist...a mum. Etc...

Because of that, I lived like of a piece of cork heckled-like on the oceans and never enjoyed it.

How could it be, the first one a judge to me, blind to judge my husband too.

It was difficult to dare face it. Even more to decide looking for myself what Divine Principle and life is all about.

Thanks to Heavenly Parent for it is the first wise move I made.

Throwing the olds, salt, wine... is fastidious, releasing thick unwanted emotions.

You know what? It is by going through it that I came to understand Bruce Lee: people were challenged to hear him telling them: what you know about our arts is different from what I know. Unless you get rid of what you know about our art, will you hear what I say and learn what you ask me to teach you.

Hm... Sound like Sun Myung Moon, isn't it?

A habit becomes thick and powerful. The good thing: we can learn a new habit any time.

The photo of my husband shows him at the national Radio in Mali.

I admire his deep faith to go for it, entering public media for the sake of the providence centered on True Parents.

Initially, he was refused but the director of this public service. The man had told him: I know you, you will never keep your mouth closed about being a Moonie. As long as I live, never a Moonie will walk one step in the national media. Shortly later the man died. His successor let him in, with no salary at all.

It is a petition by the listeners in Mali and abroad as well asking to move the program held on Mondays for general public, to Sundays afternoon when people are off work, that not a salary but a monthly raw was granted to him. I enjoyed calling live at one of the weekly program for the youth...

Like a root, Aziz stimulated courage and wisdom in me. No words, but being himself.

With time, since I relearn all about Heaven, our relationship learns new sensations.

The more I clear my mind and nourished it with thoughts I choose, the better the relationship increase.

It took great courage of him to find out by himself the need to check the content of his own mind.

More religious background than me, fear overwhelmed him so much at first, but He faces it, and tries things, to see that he is fine, and more than that, that he is loved.

Yes, I supported him, his doing, our family, with great sacrifices, but my deep ignorance and being slave to a squattered mind holding ideas and opinions that were not mine at all, is responsible for it, not me.

I know, I soon am able to allow my blessed family for much better well-being.

When I look at my husband, and feel all that I sense, and work hard to restore my original state of being,

Our daughter will become better and better altruists and joy giver as she shows up for now. 

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