The Words of the Cisse Family

My Husband's Love Letter!

Catherine Cisse
September 21, 2013

I never regretted being matched with Catherine Schmidt. I praise God we are. If I had to be matched again, I would ask Rev. Moon to match us again 1000 times. My character looking for God truly, and remain faithful no matter what.

I deeply pray to share everything I have with you even though we are not together for some time. Sorry. But it will end soon. I want to stay with you, love God with you, and die with you. I am now preparing conditions that will permit you to come and stay for long, long, long time, not to say forever. True Parents are God's blessing to you and me.

Eternal Aziz loving eternal Catherine eternally.


...this reminds me, always, where my courage and inspiration to walk True Parents' path come from. Even though the challenges due to our different cultural and religious backgrounds, more than me, Aziz opens up the way for Divine Principle to create our relationship. 

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