The Words of the Cisse Family

A Very Defying Survey!

Catherine Cissé
October 6, 2013

This survey came to me:

"This question that I am asking many Unificationists, some of whom I don't know well or even at all. My husband (...) and I came back to his home town after living many years in Korea and we want to improve the format of our Sunday Services, here in (...). I am collecting ideas from various places/countries.

This is the question I am asking:

Do you attend a service, and if so, what is the format, and what is the most inspiring part of it for you (that last part is the most important). In an ideal scenario, would you like to see any changes / additions. I hope you have time to respond? Thanks in advance for any ideas you send."

I shared... the format of the Services that I attend... what makes me look for it... and I shared "changes/additions" I'd like to see: I'd like to see safety and security for all to go, not unlike at a very risky crossing of a highway and national road with no walking side to go there from the train station. And a place open to all... I'd like to see more liberated women speaking up, more individual members pray being offered to pray, not only the couples... more freedom to share with one another than merely one hour coffee break afterward, because there are members who travel a real long way to come to Sunday services... How sermons need be saved from personal dislikes of others people out there, or some others... and how Peace Ambassador's insights and inputs deserve more consideration.

I shared how colors in the environment and decorations enthusiast Heaven and how in 1987, True Mother asked the brother she personally chose to prepare the altars at East Garden at any of the Holy Days, who just brought all the fabrics for walls / altar / tables settings white, in full colors because Heaven is made of colors, unlike white when Unification Church was poor.

Las, the author of the survey soon wrote this to me:

"When I read your feedback, I was remembering all the "rules" that we had to follow, and how hard it was. In any ways things have changed. It is not the external 'law' that God want from us, but our heart". (a smiley of a red heart finish).

It leaves me wondering... as when someone wrote me to explain how it was impossible to help needy BC in poor countries because their own BC are attending very expansive university...

It reminded me a visit to an expo of a Christian Korean Painter, in the Cathedral of Amiens, in France. The artist expressed his surprise to observe the Occidentals utilize all kind of external symbolic signs with their faith, such as a dove for peace, or a heart for Jesus, but ignore what is peace, how to love... How awesome True Parents are, to live, and die, loving us, who are blind to how They love us, and secure us in peace, and blind to how it is returning Joy to Them, and to others. 

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