The Words of the Cisse Family


Catherine Cissé
November 27, 2013

I did share, before, that my experience with the Blessing helped me figuring out what mattered most to find in a husband to love him, it is pretty exasperating to write about now, as my conscience comes alive as a sudden, giving me clue to face about being troubled toward Aziz. What mattered most was that his faith in True Parents be stronger than mine.

A situation happened in the Summer that brought him to come forward a bit more than he had ever shared. And it was good. This time, what True Parents' words, in the Today's words he had found somewhere, came clearer. Father was speaking (a Today's Words of the year 1983) of the religions, and how they were viced with wars, intolerance, adultery, etc... and what were the remedies.

My husband shared how he resumed learning to attend God, with the help of Father, from that moment on. First with Islam, his taught religion, until he finally came to meet Unification Church.

I could understand what was that faith of him: Father and Divine Principle, period. This time, I "saw" about him. Before, the noise out there is all I saw. I suffered from that. Doing much better now.

The difference is that Aziz's faith is rooted in the heart. It is strange that he surrendered to Father for somewhat same reasons than I did, and in a similar manner, but turned it a joy, unlike me most of my life of faith.

For Aziz, all is pleasure. Challenging, but a pleasure to walk the walk. All was submission on me. An obliged obedience.

Like looking in a mirror, looking in Aziz says what is about me: closed heart. More exactly, it doesn't leave behind me trust and confidence that I do really care.

True Parents offered me to a man who had made the only conversion there is: surrender to joy and happiness in being loved again.

Thanks Heaven, a true brother patiently lighted my mind to find the proper path to walk, and liberate true heart. And if that word "conversion" matters so much to me these days, it may be a sign that mine is becoming real. 

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