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My Older sister shared about iUnificationist Meeting House!

Catherine Cissé
January 13, 2014

Yes, Father had many times shaken us up about it: true words are for our own sake, not to be misused or abuse others.

My second older sister had that comment recently.

She had surprised me in the past, when I wrote few words about True Mother, liking it!

She surprised me too, few days ago, describing her impression about this site.

She says: it really gives you (me and members) what its chart says: space to share personal experiences with what you do with your teaching, and how it makes a difference for you and with those around you. About my sharing, she complained a little bit that I don't say more, yet she admires how I communicate more, and better.

That is because, at home, in the midst of 8 children, I was the quiet one.

But she also asked: why is there not much more of you sharing?

And why I have the feeling that some try to dominate that site?

To listen to my sister taught me a lot. For one thing, I had no idea that she really brings attention to me as a believer in True Parents. Also, she graduated university in Mathematics, which gives her a keen sense to think with logic, unlike me who does from the heart.

I asked her if she would like to subscribe, here. For now she prefers to wait some more. My sister really gave me matter to reflect...

Indeed, meeting-house is what it says it is: a meeting place for anybody to enjoy time and space to meet others differently from in classic set up of workshop, services, official gathering, etc. a place to enjoy heartistic moments with one another. A place feeling free to come with our experiences: look, this happened.

Look, it's true what father says, I tried that, and I am asked to go visit again because the people I contacted is interested in what we shared.

Do you want to listen to a song I wrote because something happened that inspired me?

Before, quite several different brothers and sisters, shared, drew, wrote... but no more since a long time.

As for me, I am inspired by videos and personal life and experiences.

In another hand, I understand my sister because, yes, it is strange to observe one or two trying to dominate and control other visitors, here. Even a stranger's eye, like my sister, could observe that.

My sister was very interested discovering Kwon Jin Nim, he himself.

She also liked the video "testimonies about Rev. Kwon Jin Nim Moon in Las Vegas". "Testimonies" is what she likes.

And about me, she said: It is good to see you share. You have much more to say, you don't realize. But compared to when we were at home, you communicate much more and better, the same Catherine yet! 

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