The Words of the Cisse Family

True Father Came to My Dream!

Catherine Cissé
February 17, 2014

Few nights ago, this happened in my dream:

We had gathered in some kind of theatre to welcome True Father.

Until he came in, most of us were quiet, some praying, some reading true words, others preparing taking notes, etc.

Father came in, then.

But not at all was expected, up there in the stage, sitting in his chair perhaps.

He came in the very midst of us, finding his way as any of us would.

And took a disponible seat...

All looked and smiled at him, and more than before, focused on praying, reading true words, preparing taking notes, etc., acknowledging Father to be there, with us. Just doing that, though.

Father waited for a while, patient and awaiting something He didn't see coming from us.

Then, he quickly moved in the very back of the theatre, to one of those seats often unused, and with His right hand, signed us, saying: "go on, keep up with your doing. I'll wait 'til you finish."

Father was right there, in the midst of us, with us, but we didn't received him.

Father wanted to have joy with us, laugh, listen our bubbling stories and happenings...

I want to do that with Mother. 

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