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Balance of the World Can Be Understood by Studying the Balance Between North Korea and South Korea

John Eagles
January 22, 2011

Note: The original Title for this article was "Doing Research About Korea"

We know about the significance of the nation of Korea for the world. We also know about Korea's division that cuts deeply into the souls of the Korean people. When we think of this division and for how long it already continues because of a stalemate, we may feel very helpless.

But all problems of the world can be overcome through restoration. This is a hope that we carry. This hope is not based on blind faith but rests on solid principles, the Principles of Recreation. Restoration or recreation is possible for Korea when the principles are applied to restore what has gone wrong.

It is very clear that many things have gone wrong for Korea. The people of Korea have believed in prophecies for a great King or Messiah to come at least since 2,000 years, and probably for over 4,000 years. Such prophecies gave strength to some kings to reunite their people and to recover land that had fallen into enemy's hands. It also led Koreans to reunite their country when it had once again fallen into division and more than one kingdom ruled over the peninsula.

Korea has been much larger than it is today. It once occupied the old kingdom of Buyeo in what now is known as Manchuria. At one time Korea's territory spread into today's Mongolia and large areas of China, to the north of Korea but also to the east. China has been a very old friend, but sometimes also occupier. China also plays a major role in North Korea today. The division between the North and South of Korea cannot be solved without taking China into consideration. Also the United States and other Allied forces have come to play a main role as they helped to bring to an (almost) close the Korean War.

Seen from this viewpoint Korea is a frontline of worldwide struggles to gain influence. The balance of the world can be understood by studying the balance between North Korea and South Korea. To make the right choices for the restoration of a united Korea, we must know the historical background of this conflict. We need to know deeply what Korea is and what it signifies for the whole world.

It is to deepen my own understanding and that of readers that i have recently began a blog Research Topics and a major section of it is devoted to Korea. I am not giving there my own views but offer links to articles, videos, books, blogs that can give us insight in the nation of Korea, its culture, history, conflicts, architecture, language.

You can participate in improving my research and help the cause of Korea by offering your own ideas, manuscripts, links to interesting websites or videos. 

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