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Confirmation of ODP Seminar Participants

John Gawec Jr.
November 7, 2010

To: all Leaders in Northern Luzon, Benefactors and Supporters From: Regional Leader - CAR

We are glad to announce to everyone that we already confirmed the venue for the coming ODP Seminar for Northern Luzon that shall be held here within the area of Cordillera Region on December 17-23 2010.

Please confirm and submit the names of your participants so we can secure the venue on or before November 30, 2010. Please see the details of financial requirements attached herewith.

We welcome any support to this event (especially financial) and all those who may want to sponsor participants such as their relatives and friends so they can attend the seminar.

Thank Your for your cooperation and support to this significant and providential event.

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John Jr/Connie Gawec 

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