The Words of the Glass Family

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What would God do in Singapore (George Glass - January 1981)

First 40-Day Workshop in English-Speaking West Africa -- An Interview with Mr. George Glass (Angelika Selle - November 1984)

Africa Photo Essay (George Glass - August 1985)

Serving God throughout the World (From George Glass' Photo Album - August 1985)

Challenging Religious Extremism and Radicalism in the 21st Century (George Glass and Susan Nishio - November 9, 2016 pdf)

We are devastated to announce that George F. Glass, passed away (Glass Family - June 20, 2020 pdf)

In Loving Memory of George F. Glass (Crescentia DeGoede - June 21, 2020 pdf)

Passing of George Glass 1975 Unification Church Missionary to Singapore (Robert Williamson - June 22, 2020 pdf)

Clifton, NJ Family Church: Memorial Service for George Glass (Crescentia DeGoede - June 23, 2020 pdf)

Clifton, NJ Family Church: The sudden loss of our dear brother George Glass (Crescentia DeGoede - June 26, 2020 pdf)

Unification Tribute to UTS Alumnus George F. Glass (Thomas Ward - October 21, 2020 pdf)

Unification Theological Seminary Tribute to Missionary George F. Glass (Thomas Ward - November 6, 2020 pdf)

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