The Words of the Gomez Family

Empowering Women for Leadership Roles

Hiroko Gomez
March 9, 2010
UPF - Belize

Belize City, Belize - The theme of "A Women's Movement for Real Change" inspired Belize women to seek leadership roles in their community and nation as they gathered on March 9 for a celebration of the International Women's Day.

Rev. Linda Mougel, Chair of UPF-Belize City, opened with a prayer and gave the keynote address. She was very inspired by a paragraph in the UPF Statement on the Status of Women: "UPF emphasizes the essential importance of women in addressing issues of peace and development in all sectors, including politics, business, culture, and religion. Women must be encouraged and empowered to assume leadership roles in the resolution of conflict, peace building, and sustainable development."

Rev. Moguel addressed the importance of education in the home. Parents should think home is the most important place to educate their children, she said, not at schools. Also, as clergywoman she emphasizes the unity among all denominations. This is the time to put aside our differences and work together with our common goal, which is education for our children.

All the women who attended the meeting were happy for the opportunity to support the UN International Day of Women and are preparing to support the UN International Day of Families on May 15. The participants encouraged each other to seek leadership positions in all sectors of society. 

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