The Words of the Gomez Family

Alejandro de Souza's story of Sun Myung Moon and the fly

Ricardo Gómez
September 22, 2012

An Argentine brother having direct contact with the True Parents, Alejandro de Souza, told me a story.

He says that one day True Father called him to do the translation in a great event where would be Spanish speaking brothers, among others.... He was fortunate to travel with the True Parents in the same plane, with the entourage that accompanies the True Parents. But not only people where in plane, at the airport in Korea a fly got into the plane of the Father without anyone noticing. The Father, as he always does, spoke the entire trip, giving inner guidance and hugging everyone. Sometimes the fly did some laps around his head, and drew near enough to touch him. When they finally landed in the United States, Father, who apparently had not noticed the little intruder, said this:

"This fly, almost unwittingly, traveled within hours from Korea to the United States. She could only do it by being in the plane of the True Parents, because it would have been impossible to make such a journey by herself. Many are like that, they get up on my foundation and go far, however, they believe that the foundation is theirs" 

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