The Words of the Gomez Family

Day of Families Observed in Buenos Aires

Translation: Yamila Gómez
May 15, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Fourteen couples who have been married between 28 and 65 years were recognized in the celebration of the UN International Day of the Families, under the motto: "Social Integration and Intergenerational Solidarity," which was organized by UPF-Argentina at the Peace Embassy on May 15.

"For life"

The couples who were recognized were Jaime Fischer-María Noemí Romero (married 28 years), Marcos Rolando Valverde Flores-Lina Ariza Bravo (29 years), Ramón Alberto Correa-Claudia Aurelia Amend (30 years), Norberto Oscar Serantes-Glady Susana Cortez (30 years), Darío Alberto Martínez-Mirta Olga Vitillo (31 years), Carlos Rosendo García-Blanca Rosa Bonaldo (39 years), Antonio Morello-María Susana Viscio (40 years), Juan Climenti-Elba Susana Riverol (41 years), Horacio Salvador Daboul-María Luisa Bonard (43 years), Rodolfo Mario Arévalo-Marta René Galera (44 years), Alejandro Brajin Bazan-Victorina Mareco (45 years), Orlando Gualano-Adelina Aida Carrion (48 years), Eugenio Virzi-Norma Malfa (55 years), and Guillermo García-Zulema Campos (65 years).

Joy and excitement were mingled each time a couple shared the experience of receiving diplomas. There were unique examples of how love not only survives but grows throughout the years. "We have received many honors, but this is the most important one because it goes really deep in our hearts and because it has to do with values," expressed Antonio. "I have to thank God because we are together, and we will still be together. (…) The best fortune we have is the family, the grandchildren, the friends," confessed Rodolfo. "The basis of the success of a couple is dialogue," expressed Victoria, who leads a solidarity organization. With her husband -- who has a Palestinian mother and Paraguayan heritage -- she gave one of the most cheerful testimonies, which he ended with a declaration of love in Guarani (the language of Paraguay) and a kiss. Adelina remembered that she fell head over heels for her husband at an early age. "And now I have this partner for the rest of my life!" she said, touched by the thought of celebrating 48 years of marriage on May 6.

"Souls entwined"

At the beginning, Marta Ranieri, UPF Ambassador for Peace, shared the Message of the Secretary-General of the UN of the International Day of the Families 2013, and the Family Federation's Chorus sang two songs to build the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Carlos Varga, President of the Family Federation of Argentina, reflected upon this year's motto: "Social integration and intergenerational solidarity", comparingit with the approach of the UPF about the subject, which considers essential the ties between grandparents, parents and children, and the positive implications of a functional family in the social, cultural, and spiritual fields. He talked about the "pair system" that is present in all realms of creation, "from the world of insects to the world of plants." "It is not just for the sake of multiplication but also involves happiness, beauty, and love…" he emphasized. He highlighted the importance of the family that includes three generations (grandparents, parents, and children) and "never loses the interpersonal ties."

On the occasion, UPF's Proclamation about the Family was read. Messages of support were received and shared, including the one from the Merchant Navy University and the FOPAZ Association. The Jewish community was celebrating Shavuot, the festival that commemorates the receiving of the Torah by Moses on Mount Sinai.

At the end a cake was cut and a toast offered, in which each couple reconnected with the initiation of their new path together in life, with renewed happiness and photos. At the end, Elba Susana Riverol sang two Christian tangos, and Ariel Zamora, "El ruiseñor de la copla," sang four songs to honor the couples. "Oye mi plegaria" was like a corollary to the many spiritual values that witnessed during the day. Essential in these difficult times is the universal yearning of souls entwined searching for peace. 

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