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February CARP service / March CARP Service -- 2pm Sunday 27th

Sean Greaves
March 16, 2011

The service took place hot on the heels from the European Leader's assembly in Prague, as the main point of the service was to connect the 18+ age group to the key 'Points from Prague'. There was a good turn out of people (approx 60 aged 18+), the room began to fill up after around 5 -- 10 past 2 (we need to improve punctuality a bit). Samuel did really well MCing and everyone was made clearly aware of different things coming up through the announcements, and service sheets which included all the announcements were well put together by Seijin and Yoshi. The Singing had a great response from the congregation despite not having the usual set up (the usual Music Ministry team were still in Prague!)

Personally i felt that it was good to be informed especially in a relevant and accessible way, about the things that were valuable (for us as Carp) in the meeting in Prague. Somehow, I felt it was useful and informative in away that it let people connect a bit more with the European level leadership, just by making them aware of the meeting and that their interests were a part of it. I felt the vibe after the service was really good, a lot of people taking the opportunity to catch up with people they haven't seen in a while and meeting for lunch etc. So generally i think people at the moment see the Carp service as something they will regularly attend each month. I was definitely personally very happy to be there. So hopefully next month will be just as good and that upcoming Carp events will be well supported and well attended in the next months.

The next CARP service will be at 2pm (please arrive in good time and fill up from the front!) -- Uncle Tim Read will be sharing the sermon, and we will have important updates and information regarding upcoming Easter and Summer opportunities. Look forward to seeing many of you there -- please RSVP on the Facebook event page: -- if you have any suggestions please be in touch. 

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