The Words of the Hayworth Family

God's Speed to Our Dear Sister Hattie Hayworth

Matthew Goldberg
October 25, 2011

On Oct 25th at 2:30 pm, our dear sister Hattie Hayworth made the transition into the spiritual world.

Her husband Larry has been with her at Holy Cross Hospital daily since her massive heart attack on October 12th. Hattie had been unconscious after the EMS team resuscitated her on the 12th. She was visited over this time by many family and friends, offering prayers and song daily. It created a very loving and joyful atmosphere along the whole hospital floor according to the nursing staff.

Over the next days, please pray for God's love to embrace her joyful ascension and to help guide her and Larry.

Hattie ascended to the Spirit World where she is as free to move as her imagination will take her. Attending her Seunghwa changed my life because I was able to testify to the difference she and her husband Larry made in the quality of my spiritual life and to the fact that it is True Parents who taught us to relate to one another on a deep heart to heart level.

All who attended at the Columbia Road testimony service and at evening prayer sessions last week heard such uplifting and moving testimonies about how many, many people were touched by Hattie's quality of character and the warmth of her love. Please reach out to Larry now that the Seunghwa is over and let your heart lead you in the way of caring as brothers and sisters in one family under God. 

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