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'As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen' Introduced in Kiev

Michael Ilin
October 20, 2010

Kiev, Ukraine -- On October 20 the UPF Founder's autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, was introduced at a gathering of Ambassadors for Peace in Kiev.

The event was held in the Conference-hall of the "Cubic-center" business-center. Among the 100 participants were Ambassadors for Peace, guests, friends, and the media. Participants arrived at the conference from different cities of Ukraine: Kharkov, Zhitomir, Romny, and Kozelets.

The conference was opened by the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Natalya Shelepnitskaya, who with her beautiful soprano voice, sang "Piano" and "Dnieper Waltz."

One of the first Ambassadors for Peace in Ukraine shared his experience reading the book; he remarked that Dr. Moon could be called a highly outstanding figure in human history.

After an introductory video, Ambassador for Peace Valentina Yefremova read the introduction to the book, creating a special atmosphere of openness and empathy.

An Ambassador for Peace from Japan expressed heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome she received in Ukraine and congratulated the participants on the event. The Secretary General of UPF-Russia, Konstantin Krylov, offered warm words of greetings to Ambassadors for Peace in Ukraine on behalf of the Universal Peace Federation. "Our goal is to strengthen friendship and brotherhood among nations beyond national and religious boarders, transcending political and economic disagreements between powers," emphasized Mr. Krylov.

Awards were given to Ambassadors for Peace who made significant impact in the social, government, and cultural spheres. 

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