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Sports Build Bonds among Youth in Jordan

Fosayo Irikura
May 3, 2010
Women's Federation for World Peace-Jordan

Concept paper for a July 2010 project

Project objectives

"Character Building through Soccer" will work to improve personal character and international cooperation through four days of soccer competitions and evening workshops targeting youth of Iraqi, Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese origin. Character building will focus on self-esteem, communication skills, positive attitude, perseverance, conflict resolution, and international teamwork.

Project duration

The workshops will be held over the course of five days in July 2010.

Summary of project activities

This project will involve the participation of six soccer teams including Jordanian, two Iraqi, Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese teams. The teams will compete in tournaments during the daytime and participate in workshops focused on building in the evening at a hotel in Amman.

Project justification

Many displaced Iraqis have been living in and around the city of Amman as refugees since fleeing violence in their country between 2004 and 2008. The Iraqi youth targeted in this project are typically unaccompanied young men, often living in the areas of Abo Alanda, Sahab, and Zarqa in direct circumstances. Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese youth from disadvantaged areas will be invited to participate as well, since many of them live in similar socio-economic situations as the Iraqi youth.

This project will focus on bringing together youth from different national origins in an effort to facilitate communication, cooperation, and friendship across boundaries.

Proposed budget

Sponsors are being sought to cover key expenses:

Accommodations, meals, and refreshments for 120 people: $14,286
Uniforms: $2,250
Referees: $1,286
Bus: $643
Trophy cup and medals: $315
Water: $143


Women's Federation for World Peace, Bayadar, Jordan Established in 1994 registered with the Ministry of Social Development in 1997

Contact: Fusayo Irikura

Expanding on previous programs

Bringing together youth of various national origins in Jordan.

Bringing together youth in Gaza and in Israel. 

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