The Words of the Irikura Family

Reporting in Amman on the MEPI Conference

Fusayo Irikura
May 20, 2013
UPF -- Jordan

Amman, Jordan -- A program on "Intercultural Dialogue in Cooperation for Peace" took place in Amman on May 20, featuring several speakers at the UPF conference on the "Jerusalem Declaration" for interfaith cooperation three days earlier.

Of particular interest was a video presentation by Dr. Michael W. Jenkins, chairman emeritus of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, reporting on ten years of development of the Middle East Peace Initiative since the "Jerusalem Declaration" was signed by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders ten years earlier. Also giving reports were Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Vice Chairman of UPF, and Mr. Thomas McDevitt, President of the Washington Times newspaper.

The moderator of the forum was Dr. Hamdi Murad, former member of UPF's Presiding Council. In attendance were former Jordanian government ministers, Parliament members, and muftis. Jordanian speakers included former Prime Minister H.E. Faisal Fayez; Dr. Hassan Awad Abu Argoob, participating on behalf of the Grand Mufti; and H.E. Dr. Kamel Abu Jaber, former Foreign Minister and President of the Prince Hassan Interfaith Institute. 

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