The Words of the Jeong Family

The Proclamation based on my Conscience offered to the Unification Church ministers and brothers and sisters about Hyun Jin Moon and Chun Hwan Kwak

Man Hae Jeong
November 12, 2010

Dear respected ministers, and beloved brothers and sisters,

As a minister of the Unification Church, I'd like to proclaim to my fellow ministers and the members of the Blessed Families based on my conscience.

If you ignore True Father's words, "Conscience knows you more than God knows", and abandon your conscience, then God will leave the Unification family.

As I remember all the educational content I have received so far -- at the Special International Leadership Training for the Hoon Dok lecturer under the leadership of headquarters Church leader at the Kuri Central Training Center from Feb. 28 to July 3, 2010; many sermons of the head of the Temple, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon at the headquarters services; especially one particular sermon by Rev. Kap Young Kim given on Nov. 5, 2010; and the lecture delivered for the gathering of the ministers from Daejeon Choongnam and Kangweon districts held at the headquarters church 4th floor on Nov. 5, 2010, -- I am writing now without being able to barely control the horrible shock which I have been holding in my heart.

How is it possible to accept Hyun Jin Nim who does not have sin to be a "sinful fallen Adam"? How is it possible to pronounce blaming words against Hyun Jin Nim with malicious emotion?

As a minister I could not possibly speak that way in front of the camera, while they were videotaping the ministers' speech.

How is it possible to blame the Chairman Kwak who has never lived selfishly but just lived publicly to be Satan, Lucifer, without knowing much about him, and without confirming the facts but just condemn him to be guilty?

I could not possibly speak what the headquarters ordered us to speak in front of the camera, which involved the ministers from the whole nation asking them to speak according to the prepared scenario in front of the camera.

I could not follow the direction of this video recording which was taking place almost forcefully under the surveillance of the headquarters staffs.

I beseech to the leadership of the Unification Church!

How can you possibly force us to speak certain contents, forcing us to take action against our conscience just with an excuse of it being Father's direction?

How long will you continue to threaten the conscience of the ministers and the brothers and sisters into darkness by using Father's name as your shields, while hiding the truth, and suffocating them with coerce and pressure?

Do we, the Unification family, still have to receive the protection from Father? Do we still have to give all the responsibility and blame to Father? Do we still have to send him to the cross? Do we still have to let him pay indemnity all by himself?

This is such a coward and childish way of doing things.

I demand this half-coercing video recording to be stopped right now! This video recording brainwashes the people with the distorted facts, forcing them to do the false act of loyalty by throwing away their conscience. Those videos which already have been recorded with totally ignoring the ministers' own will, and with apparent coercion must be immediately destroyed.

We are one family, the members of one family.

Are we not the family who were touched by our True Father, who tearfully found and spoke the words of God's will and the Principle? Are we not the family who were moved by looking at Father's life course which was stained with blood and tears while he strove to fulfill God's will? Are we not the family who were the first group in the human history to strive to accomplish God's will which is the greatest ideal of creation in the history -- One Family under God?

However, is it acceptable if some members of this same Unification family who share the same lineage of God, should make this kind of childish video series in order to just maintain their own foundation of authority by forcing their brothers to throw away their conscience and their own will?

This will be the act which would put God and the Unification Family to leave a permanent stain in the history, leaving the most painful burden to our descendants.

True Parents received the false reports telling that their sinless True Son had committed sins. When they find out that he was judged by their own name, how much they would be crying with their heart torn apart, shedding their blood and tears to the point of losing their voice. If we know this, we must realize that we are committing such a great crime for which there will be no forgiveness even if we would beg to be punished afterwards.

It is still not too late. We must immediately stop our move of walking towards the edge of the steep cliff of thousands of the feet from the bottom.

If we don't make our move with courage now, then our children will have to walk the more painful course.

Nov. 8, 2010 (Oct. 3, 2010 by Heavenly Calendar)

Rev. Man Hae Jeong
Pastor, Yeon Gi church, Choong Nam, Korea 

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