The Words of the Jeong Family

Interview with Dae Hwa Jeong (wife of Young Whi Kim)

June 20, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, May 1, 2011

Rev. Dae Hwa Jeong is the wife of Rev. Young Whi Kim -- one of the first 3 couples Blessed by True Parents Peace TV posted interviews with some of the 36 Blessed couples commemorating the Golden Anniversary of their Blessing. The following is the testimony by Mrs. Dae Hwa Jeong. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

(In 1960's) "When we had Kyung-bae every Sunday morning, all True children wore white or (Korean traditional trousers / skirts and coats) and we Blessed couples dressed that way too. True Father was so strict at the ceremony those days and when True Children got cranky or nodded off, Father said right away 'Get out!' or 'Take them out!' and so we had the ceremony with the utmost solemnity. After bows, Father, giving chocolates to True Children, gave them education, which left a deep impression on me. It was difficult for the small children to participate at the ceremony at 5:00 a.m., but Father strictly let them do it.

That's why in my family we also had Kyung-bae ceremony having our children with such standard. In those days, it was a difficult time material wise, and so we said to our children we would give what they needed after the ceremony. So we made a tradition of giving them things after the ceremony such as toys, sports shoes, or notebooks so that our children could look forward to participating at the ceremony.

Those days, we had a truly pleasant time with True Father in a living room, singing together and listening to Father's words and members' testimonies, and those were all we wanted to do leaving behind going back to home or studying at the school. But Father often said he had to go to the US. I thought 'if Father goes to the US, what would happen to us?' and so in 1959, I volunteered to work at the kitchen for True Father in order to offer meals with Jeong Seong for him, and that responsibility of mine started at the Cheong Pa Dong and Han Nam Dong until 1992 when WFWPU was established.

Mrs. O Geum Jeon, who had worked at the kitchen before me, prayed "Please send me someone who is a young, college graduate and capable person to replace me. I do not know anything about the work at the kitchen," and at the end of her 120-day prayer, I came in. I think she moved my heart through her prayer.

One day at the Cheong Pa Dong church, I was with True Father and the power suddenly went out. Father told me to check it out as soon as possible with our administration office. It was on the second floor and I called the office. Then Father got so angry saying 'You could have run to the office, and placing a call is a waste of money!' I wanted to fix the problem quickly and so called the office, but that experience taught me that we should frugally use any public money.

The most difficult part in my responsibility at the kitchen was that Father did not say when he would eat or he wanted to eat this or that. Also I did not have a big enough budget. But it was intriguing, for example, when I felt 'I want to offer rice cakes to True Parents,' our members brought a variety of rice cakes for them. Also, even if I cooked the meal for Father with Jeong Seong, he did not eat it if I had not been consistent with the Jeong Seong and had thought other things, for example, in planning the menu or in buying materials for cooking.

One day, I fried chicken for the sake of Father, but he gave it away to our members and I remember I cried in the kitchen. When Father ate everything we served, our tiredness was all gone and we literally danced with joy at the kitchen. When Father left some foods, we always gave them to our members saying 'This is a good medicine.'

I directly served to True Parents at the kitchen until 1972 and during the period I learned how to attend to True Parents. Even now I always think 'What is Father eating now?' I sometimes call the Cheon Jeong Gung and ask people there what they are serving to True Parents and about True Parents' health. I cannot help but doing that. When True Parents are in the US, it is difficult to call there but I cannot help but doing that.

I thought we were always with True Parents but one day Father told my couple to go to Germany being in charge of 25 countries in Europe. I could not live without True Father and I cried so much until riding the plane. I cannot forget how sad and heartbroken I was those days living apart from True Parents.

As woman, we need to have an attitude in doing things that we, having maternal love, must be able to be the representative of True Mother. At the same time we must do our efforts to resemble True Parents in personality and then we cannot be arrogant and must always study their words." 

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