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Forgiveness - A Project of Interfaith in the Middle East (Miri Kamar - 2010 - Editing: Tal Zorer pdf)

Three African Ambassadors to Israel Receive UPF Award (Miri Kamar - May 24, 2011)

Jerusalem Interfaith Forum: The Principle of Living for the Sake of Others (Miri Kamar - March 21, 2013)

Forum Explores Trends in the Relationships between Israel, Turkey, and the US (Miri Kamar - May 13, 2013)

Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum: Current Trends in International Relations: Israel, Turkey, and the United States (Miri Kamar - June 24, 2013)

Jerusalem Interfaith Forum on Good and Evil: The External and Internal Struggle (Miri Kamar - June 27, 2013 pdf)

Forum in Israel on Parity and Equality in the Family and Society (Miri Kamar - October 21, 2013)

Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum: Egypt toward New Leadership (Miri Kamar - February 26, 2014)

Jerusalem Interfaith Forum: Interfaith Cooperation in Education (Miri Kamar - June 16, 2014)

ACLA Craig, Colorado: August 8 Prayer in Craig City Park and other events (Miri Kamar - August 5, 2020 pdf)

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