The Words of the Kinambuta Family

Highlights of 2010 of UPF-Angola

Pedro Kinambuta
December 31, 2010
Secretary General

Luanda, Angola -- The highlights of UPF-Angola's activities in 2010 included a character education program at a secondary school, a conference about AIDS, and a youth rally.

The character education program was offered on August 30 to about 700 students and teachers at the Juventude em Luta secondary school. The focus was on the ethics of true love and sexuality.

A conference about AIDS was held on December 15 in the national hall of the Angolan Scriptures Union in conjunction with Dr. Jorge Lino Cambundo, head of the Winner in the World Prophetic Church. It was attended by doctors, religious leaders, and university students. A Youth Federation for World Peace rally took place on December 16 at the National Radio Hall in Cabinda, Dr. Joaquim Antonio Morreira Rodrigues, Vice President of the Youth Federation for World Peace in Angola, was the main speaker. The central theme was the ethics of true love and sexuality. There were 118 participants, including some doctors, and 42 new Youth Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.

UPF also participated in a blood drive at the Josina Machel national hospital in Luanda. The head of the hospital expressed sincere appreciation to the donors, whose blood will help save lives. 

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