The Words of the Korbel Family

Fourth Israel Research and Study Center Message

Peter Korbel
September 11, 2009

I was born in 1971 in an agricultural village near by Prague. In that village there is no church, so basically most of the people are atheistic. It was the same in my family. I never got some religious education. In my youth I also never met someone, who introduced God to me. That way religion was something strange and ghastly for me.

In my teenage I was "saved" from that hick environment by finding friends interested in nature, with whom I traveled for many weekends in the nice corners of Czechia and Slovakia.

In that period I also experienced deep disappointments caused by a painful break up of the first relationship with girls. I was sure that something was wrong with me and the world around.

After I returned from the military service I was witnessed by a Portuguese sister in the year 1992. The fact that I entered the witnessing center and remained to come for some more lectures I can only attribute to the very strong spiritual push from above. In one way I felt uncomfortable in the midst of religious people but I could not help myself to come again. Something bound me there...

This feeling changed one deep night when my heart found the parental heart of God. This my emotional conversion happened the night before I attended the 2 days seminar.

So I got a strong desire to build the ideal world, stopped to work and took part in more seminars (new hope team) and finally joined the fundraising for 3 years. That period was followed by witnessing during which time I also gave lectures (seminars) and led the witnessing center in Prague. Later for some years I was sent to Brno city trying to lead the church congregation there.

Even I got bound to the nice brothers and sisters there, more and more I could not help myself to realize the fact that this church (and me) would supposedly not bring about the desired Heavenly Kingdom. I started to see the Unification Church as a similar church as other Christian churches around. In Brno, I came in touch with some of them. Salvation is desired and promised but in reality when we can't really change ourselves we can also not make a real impact on the huge world around.

Of course there were many impulses that finally changed me the way that I started to feel uncomfortable again in the atmosphere of a religious organization. Such things as the leadership superficially aiming on quick results, lack of understanding the projects, not understanding church guidance and Fathers words, the big boom of salvation offers (for payments) proclaimed by the Chung Pyung center, "rumors" about incomprehensible situations of the True Family...that was over my obedience and willingness to continue as a (frontline) member.

I didn't actually become negative, I just wanted to step away. I remained to be sure about God's and humankind's poor situation but I did not know how I can truly help. I plucked up a kind of courage and was "cheeky" enough to say NO... I do not continue by duty or obligation. I stopped to attend church activities.

That time (1999) I thought that the more "natural" stepping away would be carried out by starting my blessed family life. I got a nice Albanian wife and soon two children. I started bound with the concept of building a family aspiring for the ideal but promptly I also realized that we are not competent and we got stuck by frequent struggles depending on the "weather."

I learned to "humbly" understand, that even though I was living for some years "an intensive" religious life, I didn’t change into a loving person and many times deeply hurt my wife. My living relationship with God became at that time just a memory of some beautiful moments when I could be touched by his parental love.

That time fortunately I was led again to the right place. Because financial reasons I started to do fundraising in Germany and Switzerland. Of course that fundraising without restraint in some way regenerated my heartistic relationship with God and people. This way for a couple of years we came closer to the Gubser family -- our former national leaders.

Later on when I started my job and only my friend L. continued to fundraise; he was more and more bringing interesting insights from that place of mountains and lakes.

Soon I was attending some seminars with that reforming teaching in the Check Republic. Because I did not understand the message deeply enough, I hesitated for some years. On one hand the new words were inspiring but I was actually worrying to be just "reformed“ to some kind of church of my memories.

But by more and more compiling deep and liberating intellectual evidences, my heart got moved toward the living God again. Realizing a new sphere of God's and Father's heart I got a live-rebirth once more after this desert period. Again I was able to shed tears by sensing God's situation. The refreshing “Fourth Israel“ teaching gave me a real hope in the possibility of changing this world to the ideal one, not by bigger and bigger events and projects (even they may partially help) but only by substantial changing of my spirit and heart. I got rid of the original fear because I got to understand that nobody at the center is trying to "snuff" me quickly inside of some other group but by teaching me how to lead my personal spiritual life based on my own free motivation. Even though this is difficult it gives me such a hope, I see that finally the time is ready and the teaching is ready to lead me the correct way. New thoughts are here to make us humble enough to not repeat the same mistakes as many religious people did in the past.

The true flourishing way of leading a religious life is very frangible and is decided by our correct motivation. I believe that such an era started when my motivation was corrected and controlled by deeper and deeper uncovered or decoded truth.

Nothing can assure that I will be successful on this path, except my own fulfilling of responsibility. But I see that goal clearly. This way I can trust to become step by step a better help in God's providence.


How important is everyone who decides on his own to expose his heart and mind to God's words? I think that all of us know how we can verify the authenticity of God's words. God's truth must be sharply judgmental to separate us from evil but on the other hand must bring us hope and a warm embrace of parental love.

Even though I did not search so much, even though I had stopped to lead a religious life for some time, such a truth came suddenly into my hands. Naturally I do not want to keep this as a secret, but I wish to share it.

I know that you are very important, you who kept continuously leading a life for the public, you who did not stop to search and did not take things as unaltered, but maybe with questions in your mind you tried your best to follow all the promulgated activities and projects carried out in the present time.

I sincerely wish that you can experience a deep and boosting internal fulfillment and growth, expressed by happiness and hope in your daily lives and relationships. But I allow myself to doubt about this to be a reality, because with the light of this truth I got to perceive limiting mistakes, misunderstandings and baseless concepts of the educational system and leadership guidance caused by confused and shallow understanding of Father's words and the Principle itself.

Unfortunately the shakeups, which the Third Israel is facing today, came as a result of these persisting limits and errors. Please do not take this my comment as a personal critique to you, but as an announcement about the possibility to understand all this situation by a deep and clear message of hope, which I believe, has the power to lead us from the old age of religion into the age, when we can completely and freely fulfill our responsibility as "Israel" and therefore prepare a real foundation for the Messiah.

I deeply admire, that you kept a strong faith and love for Father for many years despite of all the turbulence around. I had run away many years ago... But on the other hand, what I can do, if I'm absolutely sure, that I suddenly got the key into my hand, which may unlock your love for Father and God to a different degree...what can I do, if I got the tool, which may help you to start to understand all of Fathers words...if I got the roadmap, which may help you to understand the history and present time much more clearly...the compass which may give you a firm and great hope, that you are going to the really desired direction...

I just wish to share with you. You deserve this much more than me. On this one page I can't do more than to sincerely invite you to listen. I ´m sure that you have questions, but they may be answered. I believe that you can gain the courage to personally get to know more about what I'm trying to introduce here...despite of all the ballast and “profound” descriptions about this reforming movement.

God's words are here, but they can't come to us, if we are not thirsty for the truth. Therefore I wish that among you are many people, who are thirsty. Don't you think, that it is Father himself who is leading you the way to become really thirsty for the truth? 

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