The Words of the Lu Family

Attending the Ascended at the Paju Wonjeon

Kyeong Seuk Lu
March 10, 2014

Korean members express their reverent respect at the holy burial ground in Paju, about an hour's drive from Seoul.

On 2.10 (March 10), around a hundred people including Rev. Kyeong Seuk Lu, president of FFWPU-Korea, Rev. Gi Seong Lee, vice-president of FFWPU-Korea, executives and employees of the Korean headquarters, Seoul district leaders and other key members paid their respects at Paju Wonjeon. There, they renewed their determination to fulfill all responsibilities associated with filial piety and loyalty to Heaven and to make Vision 2020 a success.

On a clear day, under a cloudless sky, participants assembled around Heungjin nim's grave and held a ceremony. Jong Yeop Im, director of the Family Department and the master of ceremonies welcomed everyone. Rev. Kyeong Seuk Lu placed flowers and bowed and then everyone bowed as a group. Together they sang the Cheon Il Guk anthem and recited the Family Pledge. Representing all those assembled that day, Rev. Lu reported through prayer in a manner that reflected the group's unity and deep determination. Finally, together they made a joint proclamation.

Rev. Kyeong Seuk Lu, president of FFWPU Korea prayed at Heung Jin nim's grave

In his report prayer, Rev. Lu avowed, "The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who came as the substantial selves of true love on earth, have opened the new era of Cheon Il Guk through the achievements they made by successfully overcoming all the different hardships on their painful course." He pledged, "We will conduct our lives, carving every single footstep that True Parents took as they shed tears and blood to awaken the world, in our hearts."

Rev. Lu continued in prayer, expressing his longing for members of True Parents family that have ascended, "Hyo Jin nim, the lord who will open the gate into the heavenly kingdom, as a son of loyalty and filial piety in the garden that opens the way to the deep, wide and high realms of heaven, Heung Jin nim, the commander-in-chief in heaven, Young Jin nim, Hye Jin nim and Hwi Jin nim are more keenly aware than anyone else of our True Parents' noble lives and struggled with all their might to inherit from them, standing at the forefront in the fight against Satan." He concluded his prayer with fortitude, saying, "The lives of the True Children, who have ascended, will be seen in a new light by looking at them with spiritual eyes instead of physical eyes. We will inherit their noble spirit and become blessed families and members who fulfill all our responsibilities associated with filial piety and loyalty to our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind."

Rev. Ki Song Lee, vice-president of FFWPU Korea, prayed at Hyo Jin nim's grave

As is traditionally done, all participants went to Hyo Jin nim's grave site, presenting their floral wreathes and paying their respects after visiting Heung Jin nim's grave. Rev. Gi Seong Lee, vice-president of FFWPU-Korea offered the report prayer in memory of Hyo Jin nim's life.

Rev. Lee prayed, "If Hyo Jin nim were here with us at this time, he would tell us to fulfill the course of filial piety in front of True Parents, that all blessed families should love one another with one heart as brothers and sisters and that we must realize God's will." He sincerely went on praying, "As 2014 begins, enable us to resonate with Hyo Jin nim's deep heart and enable the spiritual world to guide us in fulfilling all responsibilities associated with filial piety in front of our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind."

Rev. Jeong Yeop Im, director of the FFWPU Korea Family Department was the master of ceremonies

Participants paid their respects at Hye Jin nim, Young Jin nim, Shin Gil nim, grandmother Cho Won Mo, grand-uncle Yun Guk Moon, Shin Ye nim, Hee Jin nim and Dae Mo nim's grave sites, which are located in Wonjeon I. After this, everyone went to Wonjeon II, where church leaders are buried, to pay their respects at the grave of Hyo Won Eu, the first president of the church that now more commonly goes by FFWPU Korea. With this, the entire program came to a conclusion. 

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