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How to help the Unification Church Japan understand its Mission? True Mother's concern

Jacques Lutia
March 22, 2011

Here is a little story used by True Mother to give some hints about how God will work through the chosen people of Japan to help them carry out their mission of education of the World.

True Mother addressed the Japanese members during "The Realm of live rallies" in Fukuoka city, Japan, on Sunday, August 18, 2002

Jesus appeared spiritually to a Buddhist nun (Kim Jee Hye), who is about seventy years old. He led her to well-known Korean churches. With her spiritual eyes opened, she could see Jesus telling the ministers that they were mistaken. Led by Jesus, the nun visited the biggest churches in Korea, the Full Gospel Church, Young-rak Church and others. Then she went to Chung Pyung where she was able to liberate her ancestors. She built a church right next to her temple, invited Christian ministers and held services with their followers.

She also received the revelation that religions must be united and that she should invite a Unification Church minister to her church and hold a service. So the Daejeon regional leader is leading the services. Following the will of Jesus, she also took down the cross from her church.

Having heard this testimony, one member asked Father, "Why did Jesus appear to an unknown Buddhist nun instead of a well-known Christian minister?" Father told him, "She is in the role of kindling wood." In order for the spirit world to work, it needs to have the right reciprocal base. Christian ministers do not have such a reciprocal standard. Japanese people also experience a lot of spiritual phenomena, don't you? If the kindling wood burns well, it can make a big fire. Such a time has come now.

Japan has the right environment for people to experience a lot of spiritual phenomena, because Japanese society has multi-religious cultural base. You should be spiritual kindling wood for Japan. That's your mission; the time has ripened through your hard work of True Parents. Brothers and Sisters, I know that you feel overwhelmed these days, don't you? Being at the rock bottom, when you can't go any lower, is the best opportunity to make an enormous leap in your life. Now is such a time, you should understand.

Did you ever play with a slingshot when you where little? The intensity of this time is like the moment a boy pulls his rubber slink back as hard as he can. As soon as he lets the sling go he will hit the mark. That's the moment of his absolute victory. You must make a leap -- strong and hard -- as would a stone in the slingshot with the rubber stretched. You must not miss the moment, your chance to be successful. That's how one can be completely victorious. You shouldn't let up for one minute -- not even one second...

You must learn the wisdom and adventurous nature of white-necked cranes that fly over the Himalayas. To reach the land of hope over the Himalayas those birds have the wisdom to discern the proper air and the courage to risk their lives. You must not leave your own suffering course behind to your descendants. It is up to you whether or not you win. You should understand that the greater and longer indemnity you pay the more blessings you receive. The question is whether you are alive or dead. Those who are alive must not even utter words like "It is too difficult." Filial children, loyal citizens, saints and holy people do not say that anything is too difficult.

Japanese brothers and sisters, you should fulfill your mission as mothers from the Eve nation. Are you working hard enough? True Father is always concerned about you. Please work hard."

"What did True Mother mean?"

1) Generally, Japanese people are not known as religious or spiritual on the worldwide standard

2) Yet, if they can establish a reciprocal base with True Parents, the good spirit world will work through them, they will become a kindling wood that will set FIRE to the entire World

3) This is the time for Japanese to pay attention to the Spirit of Truth because they have True Parents' foundation.

4) They must use their spiritual wisdom to understand True Parents' Will

5) They must have the courage to defend the Truth to the risk of their lives, even if the whole world will oppose them

6) Victory or defeat depends on their determination. True Parents cannot interfere any more.

7) If they fail to do God's will, their descendants will continue to suffer.

Dear Bros/sis, I am writing about Japan because True Parents' final victory depends on the victory of the Eve Nation. Let's attend True Mother by helping Japan carry out her mission.

Good understanding to all! Aju! 

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