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Japan should testify True Parents to the whole World before it gets late

Jacques Lutia
April 8, 2011

Dear Brothers and sisters, many of you may wonder why I put so much emphasis on understanding the mission of Japan, the Eve Nation. Those who listened to True Father's speech last July 24 could notice that True Father presented the chosen nation of Korea as the leading Nation of the future because Korea has successfully given birth to the Word of Divine Principle. However, Korea is in only in the Position of Adam.

Even though Adam might be appointed by God, he could never entirely fulfill his mission alone. Therefore, Father said "Setting traditions cannot be done by one person (Adam); a nation representing Eve's position is necessary"

Thus, the role of the Eve Nation is as important as that of the Adam Nation for the fulfillment of God's Will. Cheon Il Guk will never be a reality if the Eve Nation cannot accomplish her mission as defined by Heaven. Japanese members should be able to reconcile their mission with True Mother's mission in order to play successfully their role.

What's True Mother's Role in restoration?

(1) True Mother must teach God's Word through spiritual phenomenon like True Father and Jesus Christ. In other words, True Mother must embody the Holy Spirit and educate the world just as Father has been doing his entire life

"Therefore, in the Unification Church we are continuing the work of the Holy Spirit. Not that Jesus appears from the spirit world and teaches, but that the true Parents do the teaching. True Parents mean not only the Lord, the bridegroom, but the bride groom and his bride together, in a horizontal, reciprocal relationship." (God's Will and the World, page 558)

(2) True Mother must play the role of John the Baptist to proclaim True Father to the world. (God's Will and the World, page 392)

Why should True Mother do a work that Father has already done?

There is no other way for True Mother to restore Eve's failure. By educating the world, True Mother can give rebirth to humankind. This is why, in his speech "The way of restoration", Father said "A father must appear on earth and create a substantial, physical foundation. For this reason, everybody has a seven-year course to unite with True Father before receiving Mother" We unite with True Father through the Divine Principle (95%) before receiving Mother's education (5%).

So, what should Japan do in order to carry out true Mother's task?

Just like True Mother, Japanese members should be able to receive the Holy Spirit first. The Holy Spirit will open their minds and hearts to a higher level as it happened to Jesus' disciples on the Pentecost day 2000 ago. With such enthusiasm, Japanese members could go out to testify True Parents with confidence. To the speed of light, they will convey True Parents' teaching to the whole world and establish the heavenly tradition on earth. 

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