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Japan is not out of Danger -- A spiritual quake-tsunami is on the way

Jacques Lutia
April 18, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have a strong feeling that our motherland Japan may still face more trouble if its spiritual problem will not be solved as soon as possible. I am not just referring to the pending nuclear radiation threat or other natural calamities. The true danger of Japan now is being abandoned by God. This has to do with her providential responsibility. I have been talking about the mission of Japan but I have the impression that nobody seems to realize my concern. I honestly love Japan as many of you do; so, I don't like to see Japan suffer uselessly.

We should realize that the role of Japan in the God's providence is as vital as that of Korea. If Korea is Adam and Japan is Eve, the 2 nations should be able to play corresponding roles for salvation of mankind. We know clearly that God chose Korea in order to give birth to Adam who brings the seed of life -- the Divine Principle.

What about Japan? God's effort to find a nation in the position of Eve in place of England, due to the failure of Christianity, shows that God's Will can never be fulfilled without an Eve nation. What for? Father says, "Unless Eve is found, Adam can never entirely fulfill his Mission". The Reason is Adam can only do 95%. Eve must do the 5% independently. In other words, the education we receive form Father Korea (Divine Principle) is only 95%; therefore, we obviously need the education from our Mother Japan in order for us to totally overcome Satan. If Japan will not take the lead to educate the World, it will be very serious.

I pray that our Japanese Brothers and Sisters will wake up from their deep sleep and receive the light of the Holy Spirit. Aju! 

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