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Unity of Mind and Body, a Mystery of All the Ages

Jacques Lutia
June 23, 2011

We learned that the Divine Principle was meant to give us both spiritual and physical salvation. In other words, the Divine Principle could help us achieve unity of mind and body. However, I have been wondering why nobody among the believers of the Divine Principle has been able to unite mind and body despite the long years of practicing.

Then, a little search led me to the following answer given by True Father during his Speech at the Meeting for International Couples in Korea, on June 23, 2002.

True Father said,

"Have you met the PARENT IN HEAVEN? You have not known the HEAVENLY PARENT! You did not know that the PARENTS OF EARTH came and became one with the PARENT OF HEAVEN. That is the reason you have been suffering. Your mind and bodies have been fighting."

To be more precise it should have been translated as "That is the reason you are still suffering. Your mind and bodies are still fighting"

Questions: Who is the PARENT OF HEAVEN whom we failed to recognize and meet? Why does Father attribute the unity of mind and body to the unknown Heavenly Parent? Is Father hiding any secret from us?

Please help me answer these questions, dear Brothers and Sisters! 

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