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News about True Parents in Europe

Petr and Martine Masner
August 5, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sorry, for not writing earlier. It was a very busy time. True Parents just left Europe. In the car Father was looking very happy, saying: "It was a great victory!" Still this morning there was a Hoon Dok Hae with Father in the hotel. Pres. Song explained to us afterwards: "The whole issue of all these events is... Absolute Sex! The Peace Cup, all the Round Ball Game Competition Events. The round ball represents the true family and absolute sex!" The Peace Cup is also like the feminine sexual organ, receiving true love. That's why Father invests into round ball tournaments. The Family Ball! All the relationships top, bottom, front and back and left and right are represented by a sphere, a ball!

Yesterday evening Aston Villa finally won the Cup after a penalty shootout, against Juventus. Mother was finally chanting for Aston, so maybe... :-)

Father was also staying 5 days in Barcelona. He said it is a wonderful place, very vertical, like "barro" after kyungbae...

For the next 4 years the European Providence will be very important for the world wide providence.

This morning Father mentioned two times Czechoslovakia. Seems like that it should have not separated. He also talked about Scandinavia, that he doesn't want to see so many small countries. He likes to see more bigger united entities.

Father was so serious the whole time. Means, he almost didn't sleep or eat, and just focused on speaking to all the continental directors who were here. He was setting out the world wide providence. Also sometimes, like in Monte Carlo, or in Baden Baden, Father went with leaders to the Casino. There he was making condition to restore hell."Do you still think I am gambling?", he shouted this morning several times at Peter Kim.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, how many times we misunderstand True Parents, and God, and also one another. But everybody testified about True Parents' deep love for mankind, and their sacrificial investment to quickly bring about a world of goodness. True Father looks so young and energetic for his age, it is amazing!

On August 1st in the evening Father gave a historic proclamation on the world level to about 1000 people gathered. He emphasized "God's DNA"! That God is one! Therefore humanity should be one! There should be nothing dividing us. God wanted that the origin of humanity is ONE! Not two, like because of the Fall. That is the cause of the heartbreak of God. Now we are working to bring about this order. No more division! And restore everything back to God. At the beginning Father was supposed to cut the celebration cake, when he came on stage. Instead he looked into the audience, and for a long time swung the festive sword, like cutting our heads and stabbing us, all the while grinning in his own way.

Meaning, he would like to see us quickly remove and cut away our fallen nature and just manifest the beauty of God's original creation! Father spoke in such a gentle and empathetic way, how God is impatiently waiting until He can embrace us in His bosom again? I don't have much time! But you also not!? Father was also so seriously warning that now is the time to really fulfill our responsibility! Father was warning that God might not wait anymore! Now God is Himself in charge of the Providence! Surely more news will follow! All the best Brothers and Sisters!

Petr and Martine 

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