The Words of the Menning Family

BCF Mennings, is ending the Tribal Messiah with total victory

Menning Family
February 16, 2011

The Menning family's determined effort to distribute 430 of Rev. Moon's autobiographies in their town. Both parents and all five children were distributing books. In January, Michielu Menning, 15, gave a copy of True Father's autobiography to his classmate at Columbus High School. This classmate took the book home and gave it to his father, who works at KWWL TV in Waterloo. The father knew about the planned Valentine's Day special program that would highlight couples with a unique background. He recommended that the station interview the Menning couple. When contacted, Mrs. Menning agreed to be interviewed but suggested that her children also be part of the story, and Reporter Thomas agreed.

Mrs. Menning has also reported that after one month of distributing Rev. Moon's autobiography in her local community, the Catholic High School that her children attend had placed a copy of the Divine Principle next to the Holy Bible and other books for spiritual development at a school event.

During the book distribution, the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Urban Education in Waterloo informed the family that they wanted to use Father's autobiography for their workshops. Some youth organizations have also indicated to the Menning family that they want to use the autobiography as one of their textbooks.

In a recent open letter to Unification Church members, Mrs. Menning wrote: "We have heard that 'Now the spirit world is ready to help us' and that [this is] 'the Era of God's Direct Dominion' It is really so! I am going to testify that I felt miracles. I wish the true love seed will grow until the end of the earth and spirit world."

Well, people in the media now, they start open their naked eyes to know the reality, on god's plan... "ABOUT REAL LOVE" Aju everyone!!!!!!!! 

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