The Words of the Moriarty Family


Douglas Moriarty
April 2, 2011

I want to share one of my experiences about having hope. Somewhere around spring 1980 I saw several young children come out of the front doors of the hotel New Yorker carrying a banner and an orange folding chair. They sang a song and one young boy stood on the chair and started preaching.

When I heard this boy speak I can never forget how much hope I felt. I knew then and there that this boy and children like these would change the world.

Several years later this boy died and I found out then who he was. It was Heung Jin Nim, standing on that orange chair.

Many years later my wife and I came to Chung Pyung. In 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003, often enough to realize that through Chung Pyung Works we could greatly improve our spiritual and physical life centered on God and True Parents.

Then in 2003, my family moved from USA to Australia to do Tribal Messiah; there we had 7 years of financial difficulty and we never made it back to Chung Pyung. Many generations of ancestors only partially paid for were never fully liberated or blessed and my wife and I both suddenly in the last two years lost much of our health. In our 8th year of Tribal Messiah in Australia things greatly improved so that we could come here. I and my family are so grateful.

I will share with you now my joy and hope for our movement. One Japanese brother I met of 1st generation over the past 10 years has gained 30 spiritual children, 16 who are now Blessed families also coming to Chung Pyung. They are all witnessing and working successfully mobilizing Heavenly Fortune which is Absolute Good Ancestors, Absolute Good Spirits and angels. This is what Heavenly Fortune is; what it means. The same Heavenly Fortune that True Parents and all aboard the Helicopter had when it crashed that kept them alive and well. These families are growing, standing tall up against a cultural wave trying to sweep Japan, the USA, Korea and the world to hell.

In the past 10 years our Japanese families have accessed the Chung Pyung Works more than all other nations and I found hope in seeing the fruit of this investment in the 2nd generation of young men and women of those families; along with the 2nd generation from Korea and other international families.

To see them stirs my heart with hope and vision of a better future like I had felt when I saw the little boy standing on the orange folding chair in the middle of New York City.

Of course the greatest hope comes not from watching others but from what we do ourselves.

Hallelujah for Amazing Chung Pyung, Aju!

Douglas Moriarty, 60 years old, male, 2075 couples, Australia, FFWPU Tasmania 

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