The Words of the Nandkisore Family

Sharing God's Blessing as One Family

Rohan Nandkisore
December 3, 2009
UPF - Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland - UPF held a conference under the theme of Sharing God's Blessing as One Family on December 3 at the home of Priscilla Zanoria, the honorary Consul-General of the Philippines in Iceland.

A newly-appointed Ambassador for Peace, Priscilla Zanoria often offers her home in service to the 1,500 Filipinos in Iceland, where she has lived for the past 20 years. She has a degree in engineering and is a devout Catholic; she serves the community in Iceland in the spirit of Mother Theresa.

Mrs. Zanoria was emcee for the gathering of 30 Ambassadors for Peace, who included Lutherans, Catholics, and Muslims. Several were invited to offer remarks on a subject that they felt was important to share with an inter-religious group. Ninety-eight percent of Icelanders are Lutherans, and one of the speakers was an assistant to the Bishop. There is a national interfaith forum, but not many Muslims participate. This gathering was notable for its two Muslim spokesmen.

After a presentation about the World Peace Blessing, everyone enjoyed conversation over a buffet meal. Special advisers of UPF-Iceland worked with Ambassadors for Peace to make this a successful event. 

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