The Words of the Prentice Family

End-of-Year Program in Auckland

Geoffrey Prentice
December 3, 2011
UPF -- New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand -- UPF-New Zealand held its end-of-year function on December 3. The program began in the garden at the Parnell Peace Embassy with an opening prayer by Ambassador for Peace Rev. Rob Mckay followed by a barbecue dinner. Then people moved into the main room of the Peace Embassy for musical entertainment: a piano recital by S. Markwick and a song by J. Kim.

Chair of UPF-New Zealand, Rev. Geoffrey Prentice gave a keynote address and introduced Rev. Sun Myung Moon's autobiography and encouraged people to read it. Then a few words were given by UPF Secretary General Geoffrey Fyers encouraging people of faith to work together to help create a culture of good ethics to supplement the government's focus on the economy. Ruth Cleaver was the MC for the event, introducing guests and moving the program along.

Two Ambassadors for Peace certificates were given. The atmosphere was very warm, and guests stayed chatting long after the official end of the program. 

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