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Moonies' Beliefs - How God Relates With Humankind

Hank Schaf
July 9, 2009

Due to controversy in the later 20th century stirred by American's natural suspicion of new religions, the Moonies' beliefs, (Unificationists consider the term "Moonie" to be a slur) have been widely misunderstood. For example, let's consider the Moonies' beliefs considering God's relationship with humankind.

God gave the first human ancestors The Commandment in Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 17. This shows that humankind is created to respond to God by keeping that commandment. We were originally designed to have perfect Give and Take Action with God the creator. An man or woman who has reached perfection in love and becomes a perfect object to God incarnates God's character (Matthew Chapter 5 verse 48). Then he or she can "automatically" have a full Give and Take relationship with God, becoming one with God's Will. God then becomes the center of his or her thinking, behavior, and life (John Chapter 1 Verse 20).

If the first man and woman had established this kind of vertical relationship with God through perfected Give and Take Action, their descendants would also would have been able to maintain the same perfected Give and Take Action with Him. With this ideal vertical relationship established with God himself, all human beings would be able to have these same kind of harmonious relationships with each other, living for the sake of each other. This creates, in reality, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that Jesus spoke of.

Through the fall in the Garden of Eden, this ideal relationship of Give and Take with God was cut off; therefore each individual ever since has been unable to maintain such a harmonious Give and Take relationship with God and with his or her fellow human beings.

The Messiah is an original, un fallen son of God and is one with God through having this full Give and Take relationship with Him. Fallen human beings should live a life of faith by believing in and attending the Messiah as their central figure. Therefore, Jesus was called the "mediator"(1 Timothy Chapter 2, Verse 5) for all humanity that descended from The Fall.

Jesus came to serve mankind with a heart of love and sacrifice: "'...the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve...'"(Matthew Chapter 20, Verse 28). Jesus spoke directly concerning the principle of give and take action when he taught, "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you receive"(Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 2).

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