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Reflection of 120 day Special workshop for the Asian Leaders in the Philippines

Birendra Shresthaon
May 18, 2011

Dear Leaders and Respected Brothers and sisters,

I am so glad and happy to be part of this 120 day Educational workshop, this workshop not desire of our Continental Director Dr. Yong, This is the will and desire of the God and True parents. Our Continental Director is the only the mediator of God and True parents will. So, I am heartily Gratitude to our Beloved heavenly father and Victorious True parent, Dr. Yong waiting for long year to select the Director of this 120 day workshop, he is no other than our Lovely and Heartistic Elder Brother Rev. Amberto Angulucci, he is the one who guide us as parent many time we did mistake, he have such heart forgive, love and unite.

Actually our workshop Director is not the pasture type person but he show the real pasture. When I see him, I think great pasture in front of me, so that I cannot share my feeling personally. In reality I do want to be pasture, before I hate the pasture but during this workshop, I feel I must become embodiment of the true parent, from morning weak up 3:30 am and clean our body and 4:00 am offer devotion as true parent exercise and offer full blow. After that 15 min later reading God’s way until 7 am. Then after breakfast attend whole day Hoon Dok Hae, every night reflection, Prayer every time when you start any task. This you do every day not one day than this become your habit.[yes] now I tell you this is life as pasture or not? No doubt this is life of great pasture so that my feeling that no matter if you like or not, you are predestine to become a pasture. I remember koya Edgar say to us he do not like to be leader but in our movement, you are predestine to become leader whether you want or you do not want.

This Nation Philippine is the 2nd Daughter nation in God providence as the Christen nation. I truly feel this nation God’s Blessed Nation. In reality many other nations saw this nation as Chapter 2 nation because Philippino sister are went all over the world and work many in restaurant and bar same as in Nepal also. But when I came to attend this workshop, I truly feel Philippino are more heartistic, friendly and deep faith is God and true parent. When I saw during Holy Spirit healing and prayer time, they cry, cry and cry to feel the God’s painful heart. I am not so much deep connection in God’s heart. As Hindu religion back ground, we think that god is almighty, all powerful and who live in the Heaven as the master but we are simple person only miserable person as servant. That why we never feel that God is our Father. That real experience in here Philippines because of Philippino brother sister devotion. From that moment I change 100% negative mindset of Philippines.

Even though my family background is Hinduism but now as the Unificationist, I must respect all religions and love them and embrace them as own family member this I understand during Hoon Dok Hae of World scripture, I feel that if all philippino people love all religion than this nation become the CIG nation. I am so happy that they start from here in ALPA. They love every one as own family. Here we are from Thailand as Buddhism, Taiwan as Taoism and Confucius, Malaysia as Muslim and Nepal as Hinduism nation, how wonderful this is they love everybody as their own parents, I believe Dr. Yong saying that everything start from ALPA. That come to reality during 120 day workshop.

What kind of workshop is this? Everyday wake up 3:30 (if you compare this time Nepal 1 am.) Everyday Hoon Dok Hae, everyday bow, everyday write refection no single time for personal, sleep 11 pm - 12 pm. In the end I am so struggling to fellow the daily schedules, eventually I realize this is the only way to purify our heart, our negative mind, soul no other way. Every day if you think about God and reading God’s word than there is place to enter the Satan. I remember every time Ate sheiry guidance about this. She say “ you are so busy, you do not have personal time, weak up early morning and whole day hard work and go to sleep late, so you immediately sleep, so no more Chapter 2 Problem Aju!!” I deeply realize this truly no time to think negative. Always be positive only thought 120 day workshop.

This is my 1st time in Philippine and 1st time we went fundraising in southern Luzon. We did the same style father did in America. We did dropping fundraising, every dropping we got new hope, now spirit. Sometime result in one drop but another drop within few minute lot of fundraising only meet good person, so that no need worry if have no result in one and two drop. Never give up, Do not loss hope make us every time full of spirit because of that I am become the best fundraiser in my team during 1st 40 day cycle. Next way to become victorious in fundraising that actually fundraising not easy because this is the restoration. In Philippine many people say walan pera. I think they say I am poor but they are rich. Many money spend in lottery, singing, dancing in restaurant must restore this money so that That time I say to them I am from Nepal, I am unification missionary, I do not have home, I do not have parent here, I do not have any think but I am working for Philippines to give youth character education for philippino people, for that purpose you must offer some donatilmoston.[yes].

Witnessing so important, we know that but some time we neglect no effort so much. I feel so sorry to heavenly father and true parent, almost 2nd 40 day cycle also finish we do every Saturday witnessing, no result. Last time we went witnessing for 7 day in San Pablo city. During that God and Satan truly test me. I went home to many promise no one come, go again no come, go again than his brother scold me, she is no going with you. I cry inside I came here to save their life but they scold, my heart full of tear, that day I realize how about God, god also waiting for us long time no one respond than how much painful God, his tear like the river flow.

If you do not want to become the lecture but here you automatically become the lecture why? When you learn father’s work then you must share to other to save their life. When you share you automatically become the lecturer. Actually I am the lecture of 21 day training in Nepal. This 120 day give me deep realization that without reading father word you have no authority to lecture, many times I used my own word than father word. I am the best in my team, during group competition I fail because I used my own word, that is my deep realization that you must speak what father say A~Z as the beganiner that is suggestion from Dr. Yong also. When you truly embodiment of father word then you can add other practical example. So that I determined that I must study again and again before give lecture. Mastering in the content is the way to become god center lecture this is the true parent’s desire. I promise to study accurate father word.

During workshop we have so many activities, most many brothers and sisters struggle to offer full bow condition because every cycle our full blow increase and increase final 40 day we have 400 full bow everyday many of struggle but I am not. Because I have deep experience in full day we do whole day tongil mo do, so that my body, joint all craking, I cannot sleep well also but when I wake up the morning and offer the full bow condition my all pain gone. That is the that every day I got new power in myself when I did full bow.

Finally, I realize that only thought our offering, I can feel the God’s love. Many time I struggle that many people say I hear the God voice but why I not? Then I got the real answer this workshop, though Hoon Dok Hae we can receive the God’s love.


Birendra Shrestha


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