The Words of the Skvortsov Family

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TV Builds a 'Peace Bridge' in the South Caucasus (Evgeny Skvortsov and Tatyana Turchaninova - February 25, 2011)

Baikal Bridge as a Step Towards the Future (Evgeny Skvortsov - July 22, 2011)

Russian Students and the Value of Volunteerism (Evgeny Skvortsov - December 15, 2014 pdf)

Young Russians Train for “Europe-Asia” Half-Marathon (Evgeny Skvortsov - June 1, 2015 pdf)

Russian Birthday Guests Clean up Park (Evgeny Skvortsov - June 6, 2015 pdf)

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Yekaterinburg, Russia (Yevgeny Skvortsov - February 10, 2018 pdf)

UPF Yekaterinburg, Russia Peace Road Remembers Leningrad Blockade (Evgeniy Skvortsov - January 27, 2019 pdf)

Holy Ground Established in Yekaterinburg Russia (Evgeniy Skvortsov - February 9, 2019 pdf)

Family Festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia (Evgeniy Skvortsov - February 10, 2019 pdf)

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