The Words of the Sugawara Family

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Risa Sugawara, Terumi Kanewaka and Masaki Sato receive gold prizes in the Unification Church of Japan's Chuwa-Culture Exhibition (Gaku Makise - October 4, 1988)

QWEST Kick-off in Worcester (Takayoshi Sugawara - October 7, 2010 pdf)

Mormon Lessons for the Unification Church (Takayoshi Sugawara - May 25, 2015 pdf)

Camp Aurora 2016 on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire (T. Sugawara - July 11, 2016 pdf)

Belvedere Family Church: Taka Sugawara's Pumpkin Carvings (Justin Okamoto - September 17, 2022 pdf)

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