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Obituary for Linda Swint

Junko and Rev. Saito
December 18, 2009

Our dear sister Linda Swint has made the transition to the spiritual world this December 15, 2009 in the morning from an aneurysm. Mercifully, she passed very quickly. As she begins the journey toward her eternal life, let us pray for her and her family.

Linda was born Linda J. O'Neil on October 7, 1945 and she spent her childhood in Cuba with her father who was in the U. S. Diplomatic Corps. When the communist revolution came, her father was transferred to Mexico, where the family lived for several years.

Linda attended both the University of Texas in El Paso, where she obtained a degree in economics, and the University of Arkansas, where she received an accounting degree.

She joined our movement as Linda Woods in New York in 1973. At that time, she was married to Mr. Woods, whom we know better as the musician Gordon Lightfoot. They had one son, Jason, but her involvement in our movement created irreconcilable difficulties in the relationship. Jason lived for many years in the J-House, near Belvedere.

Linda cherished her time living in Tarrytown with True Parents and the True Family. She has pictures of Jason and her together with the True Family. Linda went to 120 days, and worked for some time in Barrytown with Rev. Sudo.

Our District Director, Mike Lamson remembers doing a 40-hour street preaching condition in NYC together with her.

She worked with our movement in Mexico for some time. She and Ron Swint were blessed in 1982, April 7, in the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. In 1982 their son Aidan was born.

Ron worked for years in government services and supported their family as she became afflicted with a balance disorder that severely restricted her ability to move about. She nonetheless continued to witness online, and was able to have some people actually join our church this way.

They lived in Boca Raton Florida for some years and they drove from there to the Ancestor Liberation and Amnesty ceremony in Washington D.C. in 2005. They relocated to Manchester, Tennessee due to a transfer in her husband's job a few months later. On Oct. 14, 2009 they joined with members in Nashville for the special blessing.

She is survived by her two sons and husband, her mother Vivian and brother, Tim, who both live in Tyler Texas.

All may join in the 24 hour prayer continuing until the Seung Hwa Ceremony this Saturday at 11 am, at:

Coffee County Funeral Chapel
786 McMinnville Hwy.
Manchester, TN 37355

Please send flowers to the Funeral Home. There is a flower shop near the chapel, Bruce's Florist (931-728-2277). Send a note or share a memory at:

Monetary contributions can be sent to

Ronald Swint,
c/o Laura Taylor Hayashi
PO 173832,
Hialeah FL 33017

Rev. Saito of Tennessee will officiate, and her Won Jon will be nearby and her interment immediately after service.

To join the prayer, call or email Junko or Rev. Saito. 

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